Welcome to Tit247 - Website providing services for ordering, paying and shipping goods from China. Overcoming the barriers of language, payment, transportation, we bring customers a rich source of goods with the lowest prices and costs to serve the maximum needs of business as well as personal shopping needs. Today, the purchase of multinational goods is no longer a strange thing for businesses, the concept of "border" has been eliminated, especially in the current integration period.

1. Service fee: This fee for providing transactional services that enable us to seamlessly conduct business with suppliers and place orders tailored to their specific needs. It is determined according to the corresponding level in the below table:

[Service fee] = [Order value] * [Service rates]

Service rates
Order value <5.000PHP 5%
Order value 5.000PHP - 50.000PHP 4%
Order value >50.000PHP - 200.000PHP 3%
Order value >200.000PHP - 700.000PHP 2%
Order value 700.000PHP - 1M PHP 1%
Order value >1M PHP 0.5%

2. International shipping fee: The shipping fee is calculated based on the actual weight of the parcel after the goods arrive at our warehouse in the Philippines. Specifically, it must be paid after the arrival of the goods. See details below:

1 - 5 KG* 75 PHP/KG
5 - 20 KG 72 PHP/KG
> 20 - 50 KG 68 PHP/KG
> 50 KG 65 PHP/KG
Shipping by volume** 8500 PHP/CBM
1 - 5 KG* 580 PHP/KG
5 - 20 KG 560 PHP/KG
> 20 - 50 KG 530 PHP/KG
> 50 - 100 KG 510 PHP/KG

*Under 2 kg is rounded to 2 kg for shipping purpose

*The actual rate will be based on the actual size and weight of your cargo, whichever is higher, and will be given to you by our Field Representative upon pickup.

*The rates are applicable only to general goods. For special goods, please contact our customer service for additional details.


(i) Free Delivery to these following areas: Manila and Rizal. Applicable exclusively to the full-package ordering service, with a one-time free offer per order. We will use local express delivery or expedited shipping services. Tit247 will determine the transportation arrangement for orders qualifying for free delivery in Manila and Rizal.

(ii) Other fees may include (optional)

- For orders consisting of small accessories, defined as having an average value of each product less than 5 RMB, a surcharge of 4% of the order value will be applied.

- Insurance fee for fragile items is charged 5% of the order value applied to fragile items (glasses, ceramics, plastic items,...). The goods purchased insurance are compensated 100%.

Tit247 is a company that Orders & Ships goods from China to the Philippines with our commitments:

The best shipping policy

A full refund of up to 100% of the value of your goods, regardless of the reason, if your delivery is delayed beyond time limit.

Advanced service

Free and unlimited consultation even for just one product. Ensure the highest standards of transportation safety and collaborate closely in goods handling with Chinese suppliers.

100% refund guarantee

100% refund of orders applies to orders placed with wrong attributes and lack of goods, loss of goods caused by Tit247.

Simply send us the details of the product you want to purchase and we will provide you with the estimated landing price!

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