Welcome to Tit247 - Website providing services for ordering, paying and shipping goods from China to the Philippines. Tit247 - Website providing services ("the services") for ordering, paying and shipping goods from China to the Philippines. Please read the following Order Policy carefully before using our service or registering on Tit247 website ("Account") so that you are aware of your legal rights and obligations with respect to Tit247 ("Tit247", "we", "us" or "our"). Any new features added to or augmenting the services are also subject to these Order Policy. These Order Policy govern your use of Services provided by Tit247.
1. About Tit247’s service
We are an intermediary that provides ordering, payment, and shipping services between customers (“customers” or “customer") and suppliers (“suppliers” or “shops"). It makes importing Chinese goods simple and easy. We are not responsible for any problems other than those mentioned above. We are not responsible for any transactions outside the system or transactions using the brand without the consent of Tit247.
1.1. List of banned goods
- Drugs, addictive substances, nerve stimulants… affecting human health.
- Weapons, ammunition, military equipment and personal self-defense products: knives, guns, clutches, swords,… or sharp objects and other damaging items.
- Food, household items, children's toys... are of unconfirmed origin, containing harmful substances affecting users.
- Depraved cultural products, reactionary documentary publications.
- All kinds of living organisms including flora and fauna.
- Flammable and unhygienic substances causing environmental pollution: Batteries, accumulators, matches, gas lighters.
- Other types of goods on the list of goods banned from transportation and trading according to the provisions of law.
1.2. List of special items
Special goods have to be notified to Tit247 when ordering (otherwise, we will not be responsible for problems with damage, not on time delivery...). We agree to place only when the customer accepts all risks and agrees to send orders. The shops must have a solid reinforcement box and confirm the warehouse before ordering for fragile items.
- Seeds, sprouts
- Liquids, chemicals, alcohol-containing goods
- Loudspeakers, goods with magnets
- Fragile items: bottles, dishes, ceramics, thin plastic items, mica goods, glass mirrors,...
- Machines, electronic equipment,... used which relate to technology, if there is a problem with damage or error when receiving, we only support discussing with the shops, DO NOT support warranty, repair and handle technical error. Customers note and consider when ordering.
- Special: The types of imitation branded goods, we do not guarantee the quality and appearance as well as the image and description on the website.
2. Information security
2.1 Confidentiality of information about the source of goods
- Tit247 is committed to absolute confidentiality of customers’ source of goods. Any act of disclosing a customer’s source of goods to a competitor from any Tit247 employee is strictly prohibited. We only use the customer’s import history information for the purpose of improving the service for the customer and our own market overview statistics. 
- All personal information of customers registered on Tit247 is absolutely confidential. We commit to only use this information in customer transactions and our customer care and marketing activities.
2.2 Purpose and scope of information collection
- The collection of customer information using Tit247 service mainly includes: email, phone, customer name and address. This is the information that we need you to provide when ordering to contact us to confirm when an order is available to ensure the interests of consumers.
- We do not use customer personal information other than for confirmation and contact related transactions with Tit247. 
- In case of legal requirements, the Company is responsible for cooperating in providing client information upon request from judicial authorities, including: Procuracy, courts, police authorities to investigate. related to certain law-breaking acts of customers. In addition, no one has the right to compromise the personal information of customers.
2.3 Customers' responsibilities
It is the customers' responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of their account and password information. Using other people's accounts or sharing their own account with others is strictly prohibited.
3. Regulations on ordering and payment
3.1 How to order
See instructions here
3.2 Payment terms
- We only use 01 contact and payment information here. When paying by bank transfer, customers should make clear and complete notes as instructions. Otherwise, we are NOT responsible if the order is pending and the goods are not in accordance with the regulations.
- We apply to deposit 80% of the order's value in advance. 
- In case of refund due to order cancellation, out of stock, lack of goods... will be resolved within 3 days at the latest and you will have to pay the transfer fee collected by the bank.
- Order cancellation: the time to cancel the paid order is at least 3 hours after payment.
- Tit247 completes the purchase within 24 hours since the order is deposited.
- In case, there is an objective reason that the order cannot be purchased (Ex: wait for customer’s confirmation, wait for the supplier to respond to the information), Tit247 must notify the customer on the application.
- Tit247 only makes purchases of financially qualified orders. In case, the order has increased quantity, increased price…leading to lack of finance, Tit247 will request customers to recharge financially as prescribed before purchasing the order.
- The 24-Hour Purchase Policy is applied to all deposited orders on all days of the week, except for special holidays with prior notice.
4. Regulations on transportation
4.1 Minimum transportation price
- The minimum weight level is charged as 1 kg (the parcel less than 1 kg will be rounded to 1 kg for shipping purchase). 
- When receiving the goods, customers need to check the number of parcels, weight and confirm with the shipping staff according to the regulations of the carriers. After confirming receipt, we are not responsible for the number of packages and the weight of that delivery time.
- Shipping cost: The shipping cost is calculated at the time of shipment in the Philippines, so it may change according to the market price at that time.
4.2 Regulations on transportation for bulky goods
The actual rate will be based on the actual size and weight of your cargo, whichever is higher, and will be given to you by our Field Representative upon pickup.
4.3 Regulations for delivery domestic the Philippines
- Tit247 only receives goods from Chinese warehouse to the Philippines. Goods sent by the carriers, we are not responsible for any problems with the transportation process. 
- Goods are sent to our company address in China without our confirmation, we will not be responsible for.
- Customers can go to the nearest branch of the carrier, Tit247’s warehouse to pick up goods or use door to door delivery service for a fee.
- For other delivery ways: We support booking carriers provided by the customer and are not responsible for customers' parcels during the transfer. All shipping and arising fees are paid by customers.
4.4 Delivery time
- Under normal circumstances, the delivery time from the time Tit247 receives the goods at the Chinese warehouse and delivers the goods to our carrier partner until the goods arrive at our warehouse in the Philippines are as follows: By sea: 25 - 30 days, by air: 7 - 10 days.
- In case the goods arrive late due to border restriction, epidemic-related blockades, natural disasters, wars, loss, customs procedures....: They are completely objective reasons that our company does not want. However, with a strong commitment to supporting our customers, if customers have not received the goods after 60 days by sea freight or 30 days by air freight, we will either provide a 100% refund of the amount the customer has paid (if the customer has not received the goods) or offer a maximum 50% price reduction of the amount the customer has paid, depending on the actual circumstances (if the customer has received the goods), or base on the actual situation to give compensation suitable.
5. Complaint handling policy
- Complaint submit time: Within 2 days from the date customers receive the parcel. Customers create a complaint with full product information, waybill code, parcels image, and unpacking video to effectively support and achieve the highest success rate. Complaints made more than 2 days after receiving the goods will not be accepted.
- The time to complete a complaint depends on the response of the shops, the fastest will be 3 days and may take a few weeks (in case of exchange).
- In case of wrong goods: model, color, type,... due to order, we will compensate 100% of the value of the damaged goods. If the wrong product is due to the shops, we will support the maximum in the transaction and negotiation with the shops, to ensure that the customers have the most benefits. In case customers have to send the goods back to the shops, please pay the shipping cost (This fee will be specifically informed to the customer by Tit247 before sending the goods).
- About product quality: Since we are only an intermediary between suppliers and customers, we are not responsible for product quality. But we will support the best in making a complaint with the supplier in case the goods have quality problems.
- About broken, damaged or scratched goods due to the transportation process. We depend on the level of damage, and compensate you at the most satisfactory level. 
- Insurance for fragile goods helps ensure safe transportation of goods. If broken goods arise, 100% of the value of the damaged goods will be compensated.
- We ONLY receive and process complaints when we receive full images (products, transactions, the waybill code of each parcel) and other relevant information. In case after contacting shops and need more information from customers, please provide additional information as shops require to make it more convenient to handle the complaint. If you respond late, leading to shops not agreeing to handle or exceeding the complaint processing time, we will not be able to resolve these cases.
- Customers should regularly check the status of each order because we only notify the status on one channel only, which is the Tit247 website.
6. Violation of our order policy
Violations of this policy and/or in the following cases, may result in a range of actions, including, without limitation, any or all of the following: Refuse to provide the service, account suspension and subsequent termination, criminal charges.
- Use information and services of Tit247 for other purposes, wrong service nature or without our prior consent. 
- Any fraudulent actions in the transaction: Falsely claiming the lack of goods despite receiving the full amount, forging payment or making baseless complaints against our policies.
- Engaging in rumor-spreading or disseminating fake information with the explicit intent of harming the reputation of Tit247.
- Registering fraudulent individuals/organizations to spam orders and disrupt our order processing speed.
- Use rude words, have an impolite attitude, and quarrel with employees of Tit247.
- There are unreasonable requests, beyond the scope of management of Tit247 and misleading about the nature of the ordering and shipping service.
7Our loss protection policy is:
Our loss protection policy is based on two types of services:
7.1 For ordering services only (including: purchase, payment, and shipping): 100% compensation of the amount the customer has paid.
7.2 For shipping services only:

- Insurance 3% of the value of the goods: you will be compensated 50% of the value of the goods.
- Insurance 5% of the value of the goods: you will be compensated 100% of the value of the goods.
- If insurance is not bought, we will cover the shipping cost at double the rate, provided it does not surpass the value of the goods. 
The condition is: You need to send the Proforma Invoice or order confirmation within seven (7) days of receiving the package at our warehouse in China. If you do not submit a Proforma Invoice within the above timeframes, you will only be entitled to loss protection worth twice the cost of shipping.
When a package is reported as lost, the customer must give us 30 days to investigate the package's location. If it is proven to be lost, we will compensate according to the policy.
The loss protection policy will not cover broken and/or damaged goods and force majeure events, including but not limited to natural disasters, fires, explosions, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, war, vandalism, riots, or government actions.

Proud to be one of the leading companies in the field of ordering and shipping goods from China, Tit247 always tries every day to improve service quality, bringing absolute satisfaction to customers. 
Thank you customers for trusting and using our services!
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