Welcome to Tit247 - Website providing services for ordering, paying and shipping goods from China. Overcoming the barriers of language, payment, transportation, we bring customers  a rich source of goods with the lowest prices and costs to serve the maximum needs of business as well as personal shopping needs. Today, the purchase of multinational goods is no longer a strange thing for businesses, the concept of "border" has been eliminated, especially in the current integration period. Not out of trend, currently ordering from abroad, especially ordering from China, ordering Taobao, Tit247 is a company that Orders & Ships goods from China to Philippines with our commitments:


The best shipping policy

A full refund of up to 100% of the value of your goods, regardless of the reason, if your delivery is delayed beyond time limit.

Advanced service

Free and unlimited consultation even for just one product. Ensure the highest standards of transportation safety and collaborate closely in goods handling with Chinese suppliers.

100% refund guarantee

100% refund of orders applies to orders placed with wrong attributes and lack of goods, loss of goods caused by Tit247.


Order Chinese goods

We specialize in ordering and sourcing goods from Guangzhou on websites Taobao.com, Tmall.com, 1688.com, Alibaba.com….and Chinese ordering websites. We look for and negotiate with the most reputable Chinese suppliers by Chinese language then transact by RMB through Alibaba's platforms. We receive goods at warehouses in China and ship them to the Philippines. Special, We accept orders even for just one product!

Our staff companion during the customer's order journey and support if the goods have any problems. We commit that orders are handled within 24 hours since customers settle the deposit

Shipping from China to the Philippines

Tit247 is a pioneer in the use of advanced technology to develop order management software that is not only convenient, stable, and easy-to-use but also highly secure and equipped with the latest features. For customers dealing with the shop and shipping through us, customers need to provide a full waybill code, quantity, type of goods, with full notes if fragile goods… We offer safe and fast shipping from China to the Philippines.

Proud to be one of the leading companies in the field of ordering and shipping goods from China, Tit247 always tries every day to improve service quality, bringing absolute satisfaction to customers. Thank you customers for trusting and using our services.

Hotline: 09678-603-528 // Email: tit247orderservice@gmail.com