Welcome to Tit247 - Website providing services for ordering, paying and shipping goods from China. We would like to introduce an exclusive Tit247’s order tool to help you easily create your own orders on the system. It helps you view and compare product prices. When you use the "Add to Tit247 order" function, it helps you to view all product variants in the same information table, compare information and translate product descriptions in text from Chinese to English. . You can select and add multiple products to your cart at the same time instead of just selecting one product as default. Kindly follow the steps below to install and use Tit247’s order tool or contact us for support.

1. Install extension

STEP 1: Using Google Chrome browser, to go Chrome web store, directly access the link 

STEP 2: Click the button Add to Chrome => Add extension => Installing successfully

2. Use Order tool

STEP 1: Select goods on Taobao/T-mall/1688 and add to Tit247’s order. Tit247's order tool will display the product price in Peso on the screen. Kindly, Click the button ADD TO TIT247.COM ORDER to process your order.

STEP 2: Learn product introduction and add to order on Tit247.com. Order tool translates product information from Chinese to English, information includes: Required minimum quantity, lowest product price, product properties with their price and available stock, detailed description. Kindly select properties with their quantity, then ADD TO ORDER.

STEP 3: Check order just added. You can check the order by clicking tab VIEW ORDER above.

If you have any questions about order tool, please contact the only hotline or contact directly on Tit247 website for further advice.
Tit247 Order Made Easy
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