Overview of basic knowledge: Safe direct shopping from China!

Overview of basic knowledge: Safe direct shopping from China!


Overview of basic knowledge: Safe direct shopping from China!

Are you worried about how safe it is to buy from China? 

Do you think the products labeled “Made in China” are inferior?

Can You Order Goods from China?

Buying things from China for import purposes is only as safe as you make the experience. It is safe to buy products from China, but buyers need to know the correct information during the how-to safe purchase from China process. If you do not know the challenges and methods of imported products from China, you may cause losses.


Is produce from China safe?

For a long time, people have believed that Chinese products are of poor quality. However, China’s modern manufacturing has enabled merchants to produce good-quality products at very attractive prices. So produce from China is safe.


This article will be a safety post on every important aspect of safely buying goods from China and discuss the challenges you will face when importing to China, and provide the 10 best suggestions for How to buying safely from China.


Should You Buy Things from China?

It’s not a question of a good idea or a bad idea. It’s about whether there are other options. See if you need something exclusively made in China, then you have no choice but to buy it, but if there are other options, then I wouldn’t consider buying a Chinese product. But if the quality of Chinese products is better than others, why would anyone buy inferior products?


How Can I Order Goods from China?

Generally, there are 3 safe ways to buy product from China: 


Attend Chinese Trade Fairs

If you have the resources to visit China, then attending a trade show is just about the best option for finding a reputable supplier. There are two main fairs to consider:


Canton Import And Export Fair.


Global Sources Trade Show.

These are just some common China trade fairs below. In China, there is even a sizable annual exhibition dedicated to purchasing tires. Buyers should consider what their priorities are and make a corresponding purchasing decision

Ordering From China Through Wholesale Markets

While in China, it’s worth checking out a wholesale market where you can browse a massive selection of products at extremely low prices. The Yiwu Market, for example, is the largest wholesale market in the world. Unlike the trade fairs, it is a physical store where you can inspect goods and walk away with them, or have them shipped to your based warehouse.

Wholesale markets are open year-round (except for Chinese holidays) so you don’t have to wait for a trade show to find a supplier. Goods are sold off the shelf so you can see exactly what you’re getting and gauge the quality of the product through physical inspection. Bear in mind that you have to verify buying through from wholesalers or the manufacturer. You’ll need to make some effort here to weed out any knock-off products and fake brands.

Buying from China Through Online Wholesale Websites

Purchasing from China through online wholesale platforms offers several benefits:

  • When resources are limited to travel to China or cost-saving is a priority, this option is the most suitable.

  • Thousands of businesses have joined online selling, providing countless options for you to browse and compare products.

  • The latest and trendiest products are quickly updated on these online shopping channels.

  • The ability to quickly change models and types, minimizing capital stagnation.

  • Product images and videos are usually available, making it convenient and suitable for online sellers.

  • Purchases can be made from anywhere, anytime, facilitating transactions

The main directories are:

  • Alibaba

  • 1688 (Chinese market)

  • AliExpress, a division of Alibaba which focuses on manufacturers who sell in smaller quantities to buyers.

  • Taobao (For those with small businesses and individuals who need to constantly change products)

Here the details difference for each China wholesale websites:

Challenges Faced During Buying Products from China

When buying Chinese products, buyers will face many challenges. This is caused by many reasons, some of which are listed below.


1. Rumors and Misunderstandings About Made in China

You often hear rumors about the low quality of cheap Chinese products. In addition, there are rumors and misleading thoughts about products not working properly (for example, mechanical products), or delayed delivery, or damaged goods.


These are rumors about Chinese goods circulating in the market. Due to China’s vast territory, there are countless manufacturers of one product. It is only natural that some manufacturers are better than others and others are worse. There is always a reason behind these problems, which can be solved. But these misconceptions often discourage new buyers.



2. Language Barriers with Suppliers when Purchasing Products from China

Most buyers outside of China usually do not speak Chinese, while some Chinese suppliers do not speak other languages ​​such as English. This means that there is a language barrier between buyers and suppliers.


This is a big problem because the import business requires clear communication between both parties. The price, quality, quantity, and manufacturing details of the goods need to be communicated. If this information is conveyed incorrectly, problems will arise.


Consider an example. For example, You tell your Chinese supplier to deliver 1,000 boxes of toys of a certain quality. If there is a language barrier, it means that the supplier did not understand your order. If the supplier subsequently sends 1,000 toys, then you will think the Chinese supplier is unreliable. It’s not the supplier’s fault, but the idea will strengthen in your mind, and you will hesitate to order from there again.


3. Difficult to Find Trustworthy Suppliers to Order Products from China

Various suppliers in the Chinese market are saturated. There are many trustworthy suppliers in this industry, but you have to do some research to find one and there are also many suppliers that provide poor-quality products. You must verify credentials, past transactions, and customer satisfaction. 


There are also communication issues, so you must find a supplier in China that can understand and accept English orders, or find a purchasing agent/ordering agent/ordering service to help you place the order in China.


  4. Warranty and Return Issues: When buying products from China, managing warranties and returns can be more challenging if you encounter issues with the product. Some suppliers have good warranty policies, while others have limited warranty coverage. If you discover a problem with a product and need to return it or request warranty service, the time and cost of sending the product back to China can be expensive and time-consuming. During the process of resolving warranty or return issues, communicating with Chinese suppliers can be difficult due to language differences, which can make post-purchase problem resolution more complicated and time-consuming.

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Despite such challenges, DON'T WORRY. We have 10 proven and effective solutions to minimize risks when purchasing from China.