Explore four ways when sourcing products from China

Explore four ways when sourcing products from China


Explore the following four avenues when it comes to sourcing products from China:

(1) Direct Procurement from Chinese Suppliers:

This approach, favored by approximately 82% of importers, involves dealing directly with Chinese suppliers. It allows you to maintain control over the entire sourcing process and circumvent the need to pay commissions to intermediaries or agents. Opting for this method is particularly suitable if you have the organizational capacity to effectively manage suppliers and can meet the supplier's minimum order quantity (MOQ). It grants you autonomy and control over every aspect of the sourcing process, from negotiations to quality control, but it requires a certain level of expertise and resources to be successful.

(2) Engage a China Sourcing Agent:

There exists a vast pool of individuals who provide sourcing agent services as a means of livelihood. These agents can prove invaluable, especially if they have extensive industry connections. By utilizing their network, you can save a significant amount of time and effort. Additionally, they can serve as your on-the-ground representatives in China, bridging the cultural and logistical gaps that often accompany international trade. This option provides you with local expertise and connections, which can be a considerable advantage, particularly when navigating the complexities of the Chinese market.

(3) Purchase from a Trading Company:

If you find yourself unable to meet a supplier's minimum order quantity, a viable alternative is to work with a trading company. This option is particularly beneficial for startups or entrepreneurs who are just beginning their journey. Trading companies possess the flexibility to place smaller orders with manufacturers who can accommodate lower quantities. However, it's important to note that, aside from these specific scenarios, working with intermediaries is typically not recommended. It's a practical solution for those looking to test the waters or gradually scale up their operations.

(4) Utilize the Services of a Service Company:

Suppose you have already identified your suppliers but require ongoing production follow-up and quality control. In that case, some purchasing agents offer their services for a fee. These service companies are known for their transparency, providing you with crucial information such as the supplier's name and the processes they follow. This option can be viewed as an investment in your company before you commence production, serving to ensure that your sourcing and manufacturing processes run smoothly. It's especially advantageous if you anticipate a high volume of production requirements in the future. By partnering with a service company, you can enjoy expert oversight and assistance, reducing the potential risks and challenges associated with international procurement.

Each of these four options presents its own set of advantages and considerations, and the choice you make should align with your specific business needs, goals, and available resources.

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Tit247 is a pioneer in the use of advanced technology to develop order management software that is not only convenient, stable, and easy-to-use but also highly secure and equipped with the latest features. For customers dealing with the shop and shipping through us, customers need to provide a full waybill code, quantity, type of goods, with full notes if fragile goods… We offer safe and fast shipping from China to the Philippines.

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As a leading company in the field of ordering and shipping goods from China, Tit247 is dedicated to enhancing service quality daily to ensure your utmost satisfaction. We extend our heartfelt thanks to our valued customers for their trust and continued use of our services. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

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